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28 May 2022

Female students holding signages about saving the planet

The Critical Project

The Critical Connections Project is about enabling young people across the primary and secondary age range to create and share multilingual digital stories. It offers an approach to language learning, literacy and citizenship which recognises that communication is enhanced when plurilingual and digital resources are drawn upon purposefully and creatively. 

This year's theme is Our Planet and it's a continuation from 2021. It is a crucial topic for young people to engage with, research, and think about how to change their environments. 

THe Our Planet Film Festival 2022 will be held on Friday 10 June 2022 at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Our Dying Planet

This film by Arabic and Turkish students and teachers from Arthur Phillip Campus focuses on the idea of sustainability. The aim of the short video of the short film is to raise awareness of the prevalent environmental issues in our world today. 

Watch it below!

Deforestation in the Amazon

This film is a series of vignettes created by Year 7-10 Portuguese students at the Petersham Campus. It is focused on issues of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, and the dramatic effects that this has on the environment and communities in South America. It showcases the reason for deforestation, specifically the palm oil industry that has demolished vast quantities of the rainforest and important habitat for the flora and fauna native to the area.


Well done to all studnets involved!