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Homework is a valuable part of teaching and learning at the Secondary College of Languages. It allows students to practice, consolidate and extend upon work completed in the classroom. The nature, frequency, and volume of homework set will be determined by the classroom teacher.

Students and parents/caregivers will be advised of homework expectations at the beginning of the year. Failure by students to complete homework on a regular basis will be followed up with parents/caregivers.

Years 7-10 generic units of work 

The following Scope and Sequences and Units of Work are a guide of what students at the Secondary College of Languages will be expected to cover during the course. Students from Years 7 to 10 will be studying the same concepts across all languages.


Years 11 to 12 Scope and Sequence

A scope and sequence is a summary of what is to be taught, the sequence in which it will be taught and the syllabus outcomes that may be addressed in the intended learning.

Scope and sequences are flexible and fluid documents. They provide a brief overview of the key concepts and ideas addressed in a learning and teaching program for an individual stage or year.

Elements of a scope and sequence for secondary schools include:

  • title of each unit
  • sequence of each unit for the year/stage
  • duration of each unit
  • syllabus outcomes included in each unit (these are commonly represented by outcomes codes).

Year 12 Extension Units of Work

The language extension course provides students with the opportunity to extend their ability to use and appreciate the language as a medium for communication and creative thought and expression.

The following Extension Units of Work are a guide of what students at the Secondary College of Languages will be expected to cover during the course.

Subject Acceleration

Subject acceleration involves undertaking a course in advance of the student’s cohort. At the Secondary College of Languages, acceleration is only allowed under specific requirements and with the approval of the Principal.

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