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Homework is a valuable part of teaching and learning at the Secondary College of Languages. It allows students to practice, consolidate and extend upon work completed in the classroom. The nature, frequency, and volume of homework set will be determined by the classroom teacher.

Students and parents/caregivers will be advised of homework expectations at the beginning of the year. Failure by students to complete homework on a regular basis will be followed up with parents/caregivers.

Years 7 to 10

Years 11 and 12

Assessment and reporting

The purpose of school assessment is to measure performance and progress in relation to the course outcomes. Students will be assessed in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to assess each student's work. This includes observing their work in class and looking closely at the work they produce throughout the year. Teachers also assess each student's achievements based on the outcomes of the syllabuses of each course.

All students will receive an Assessment Information Booklet at the beginning of the school year which will detail the dates, weightings, objectives, outcomes, and types of assessment tasks to be completed. 

You will receive a half-yearly written report at the end of Term 2, and a yearly  report at the end of Term 4 (students in Years 11 and 12 will receive theirs in Term 3). These reports can also be accessed by the weekday school.

Request for consideration

Please refer to the specific assessment and reporting policies for more information about requests for consideration in the event that students do not complete an assessment task on the scheduled date. Download the request for consideration form (PDF 158KB).

Applying for illness and misadventure provisions

Illness/misadventure provisions exist to support students when their performance in an assessment task is affected by circumstances beyond their control. As assessment tasks are intended to be a measure of a student’s actual task performance, applications must relate to illness or misadventure suffered immediately before or during the task that has affected the student’s performance in the task. The assessment review panel may consider exceptional circumstances.

School-based assessment task appeals procedure

In the event that a student and/or a parent/carer questions or has concerns relating to a marked assessment task or an assessment task for which a mark of zero has been awarded, an appeal must be made by the student to the Campus Supervisor within 7 days of notification of the mark. The appeal must be based on evidence of a breakdown in process or procedure in the administration of the task or the marking processes.

The completed ‘SCL Appeal’ against a task result must be submitted to the Campus Supervisor by email or in-person. Appeals are referred to the Assessment Review Panel for determination. The panel may comprise the Principal or principal’s delegates. If the appeal is upheld, the decision of the panel will override any warning letters issued for that task.