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International students

Secondary College of Languages adheres to the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework, which promotes quality education and consumer protection for international students. The following conditions of enrolment apply to all international students.

Attendance and course requirements

  1. Must attend a minimum of 80% of all scheduled classes.
  2. Must provide a doctor’s certificate for any absences of three days or more. The doctor must be a registered medical practitioner. For any absences of one or two days students must provide a letter of explanation by a guardian (or if the student is over 18 years they can provide their own written explanation).
  3. Must meet course progress requirements.

If attendance requirements are not met, students may be reported to the Department of Home Affairs unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Accommodation and welfare requirements

  1. Must maintain approved accommodation, support and welfare arrangements if under 18 years of age.
  2. Approved guardian for students under 18 years must notify SCL of residential address within seven days of arriving in Australia and notify any change of address and contact details within seven days. Students over 18 years must also notify SCL of any changes.

For further information, students should refer to their weekday school International Students Coordinator or DE International.