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Introducing our new name and logo

26 Jun 2021

Secondary College of Languages

Our new name

From 16 June 2021, the Saturday School of Community Languages will be known as the Secondary College of Languages. This name was selected by our whole school community and embodies our vision to lead languages teaching and learning in NSW.

After 43 years of providing excellence in languages education, this significant milestone provides an ideal opportunity to introduce key changes. The name, Secondary College of Languages, represents the purpose and operations of a College comprised of 14 campuses and acknowledges its uniqueness and specialist nature.

The new name will also unify the over 3,000 students and approximately 300 staff working across our Campuses, contributing to a sense of identity and belonging. The vision for the college’s future is to provide as many students as possible with the experience of learning their language and developing their intercultural understanding in an interactive, dynamic and rich environment.

What this means for your school

The function of the Secondary College of Languages will remain the same. We have been officially gazetted as a NSW Department of Education public school. Our courses still follow NESA syllabuses and contribute to the attainment of a RoSA and HSC.

There are no changes to the courses we offer students, or the eligibility criteria for enrolling at our College. We will continue to use our Learning Management System, Millennium, to communicate with your school regarding students.

The Secondary College of Languages will be receiving a new website URL and a new email address. We will notify your school’s SCL Coordinator once these changes are finalised.

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2022 Student enrolments

Our enrolment period for 2022 will open on Monday 9 August 2021 (Term 3 Week 5). New application forms will be published on our website at this time. We will notify your school’s SCL Coordinator when the new forms are made available.

Enrolled students do not need to submit a new application form (with the exception of Year 10 Chinese and Korean students applying for Year 11 [Language] in Context).

Enrolled students will receive Appendix 5 to complete in Term 4 to confirm the continuation of their studies. Unless they indicate on this form that they are discontinuing, all students will automatically roll over into 2022.

Thank you for your continued support

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your school’s support in ensuring that our students can access quality languages teaching and learning. I am excited to continue this journey with your school, as we ensure our students connect linguistically and culturally while striving to achieve excellence in their language learning.

Kind regards

Sana Zreika