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Using Technology

The department provides a choice of great learning tools to support learning at home


You will need to know your Department of Education username and password. If you don’t, get in touch with your school as soon as possible.

For department provided tools, start at the Student portal. From there you can access your emails, G Suite for Education and Office 365. They are great for learning and collaboration with your teacher or classmates. 

For more information, visit the department's website.

Make sure you know which ones your teacher use. Your teachers could deliver lessons using Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or another platform. If you are not sure ask your teacher or friends in your class.

Digital Citizenship

Be respectful, responsible and safe online. 

We recommend that you take the time to explore issues of digital citizenship and online safety.

This includes appropriate use of digital platforms, privacy and information protection, respectful communication and how to deal with online issues.

When you log in to use department tools you agree to the terms and conditions of use.


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Learning from home without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact your centre to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child. Each centre's contact details can be found on the Contact us page.