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Years 11 and 12

Students in all year groups receive an assessment task notification for each task at least two weeks before the date of the task. Year 11 students are issued with the Preliminary assessment policy and procedure (PDF 3.03MB), as well as the assessment task schedule for their language course early in Term 1.

The generic assessment task schedule for each of the following course types is available for download below.

Year 12 students are issued with the HSC Assessment Policy and Procedures (updated 11 September 2021) (PDF 3.67MB), as well as the Assessment Task Schedule for their language course early in Term 4.

Through a Notice of Assessment Task, students will be informed in two weeks in advance of:

  • the date of each assessment task
  • the type of skill involved in the task
  • the syllabus outcomes for each task
  • the marking criteria
  • the value of each task within the whole HSC program (its weighting).

The generic assessment task schedule for each of the following course types is available for download.

UPDATE - August 2021

The 2021 written and extension oral trial exams will be conducted online. Instructions are provided to students to prepare them for these exams.

An amendment to the Online Assessment Policy to incorporate online examinations procedures has been developed. 

The language extension course provides students with the opportunity to extend their ability to use and appreciate the language as a medium for communication and creative thought and expression.

The following Extension Units of Work are a guide of what students at the Secondary College of Languages will be expected to cover during the course.

Summary of what is to be taught, the sequence in which it will be taught and the syllabus outcomes that may be addressed for each Stage 6 courses are available on the Scope and Sequences page.